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Any Special Requirements?

NOT AT ALL!! all our tees may be normally washed with the rest of your laundry and without any special requirements.


Design & tshirt colours WON'T WASH OUT; we have used these tees regularly for quite a while now (we are the first ones in dressing up with our own garments) and the design looks just as good as the very first day, they haven't shrunk a bit nor has the neck lost it shape due to successive washing. Nonetheless, it's always advisable to wash and iron any kind of printed tshirts inside out. 


How do you print your tshirts?

We always print by Serigraphy except for when the design has many colours (more than 9) or colour degradations, in which case we print by DTG.


What's Serigraphy?

Serigraphy or Screen Printing is a textile printing method by which the different colours of the design are mechanically added on the garment one after another.  It's the most traditional textile printing method and one of those with best results. The ink here penetrates in the textile fibres, thus Serigraphy printed designs won't be washed out at all and have a smooth touch (you hardly notice them when you're wearing the garment).


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What's DTG?

DTG or Direct To Garment is a textile printing method by which the design as a whole is digitally printed on the garment. Given that the ink here penetrates in the textile fibres, the printed designs won't be washed out at all and have a very smooth touch (you don't notice them when you're wearing the garment at all).


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Are There Any Other Textile Printing Methods?

Sure; there are several other textile printing methods, the most commonly used of which may be transfer and sublimation:

  • TRANSFER: This is the simplest textile printing method. The design is here printed with your desktop printer on a special paper  by which it is stamped on the garment (using heat and pressure). It is alo the most economic textile printing method but the design will eventually be washed out. These garments also have a somewhat tough touch  and you do notice the printed area when you're wearing them.

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  • SUBLIMATION: Together with Serigraphy and DTG, one of the textile printing methods that offers better results but, unlike Serigraphy and DTG, it is only applicable for light coloured polyester garments (preferably white). The process is similar to that of transfer printing only using special inks, which here do penetrate in the textile fibres. Hence, same as in Serigraphy and DTG, the designs  won't be washed out at all and will have a very smooth touch (you don't notice them when you're wearing the garment at all). 

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Where are these T-Shirts From?

Our tshirts are MADE IN EUROPE


Do You make these Tees?

Yes, we make our own designs from draft to the final production by means of our own creepy minds; we obviously don't make the tshirt fabric... . 


Do You Ship Abroad?

YEAH, SURE! We ship worldwide from 5,99 euros per order; you may order as many t-shirts as you like (up to a maximum of 10 tshirts per order); shipment will still be 5,99 euros.


Payment Options?

  • Stripe: Pay directly with your Credit or Debit Card through the easy, fast and safe Stripe payment gateaway. 
  • Paypal: Use your Paypal account or your Credit or Debit Card to pay thruogh Paypal's website. Once you complete teh payment, you'll be directed back to our website in order to complete your order check out.
  • Payment in advanced: Make us a wire transfer to the account number providen during check out. Once I receive the payment (which may take up to 4 working days depending on where you are shopping from), I'll process your order right away. Please note! only payments in EUROS are accepted via this payment method.
  • Local Delivery: Pay us with CASH at delivery. Please note! This payment method is not free from Shipping Costs (3.99 euros) and is ONLY AVAILABLE for deliveries at LESS THAN 30Km away from LEGANÉS.
  • Local Pick-up: Pay us with CASH at pick-up completely FREE FROM SHIPPING COSTS and get an extra discount of 2 euros per t-shirt purchased. We will deliver you your order either at CASA DEL RELOJ or at LEGANÉS CENTRAL stations (Leganés, Madrid). 
  • Collect-on-Delivery: Pay with CASH at delivery. Please note! This payment method is ONLY AVAILABLE for deliveries to CONTINENTAL SPAIN and costs 4 euros more than standard national deliveries. 

Shipping Costs?

Shipping Costs are calculated per order. You may order 1, 2 or AS MANY TEES AS YOU LIKE (up to a maximum of 10 tees per order); Shipping Costs will reamin exactly the same. That way...

SHIPPING COSTS PER TSHIRT PURCHASED (EUROS) according to how many tshirts (TS) you order:



1 TS 2 TS 3 TS 4 TS 5 TS



2,00 1,33 1,00 0,80



3,00 2,00 1,50 1,20



5,00 3,33 2,50 2,00




5,00 3,75 3,00



10,00 6,66 5,00 4,00

VAT included when applicable



  1. National deliveries (only Peninsula and Baleares**).
  2. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, The Netherlands & United Kingdom.
  3. Canada, continental USA & rest of EU VAT inclusive regions except for Cyprus, Finland, Norway & Sweden.
  4. Argentina, Chile & Mexico as well as Cyprus, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  5. Rest of the World.

**For shipments to other national destinations, please contact us



European Union: 3 to 7 working days.

Rest of the World: 5 to 10 working days.


Devileries are normally shipped using regular posting services, for urgent shipments or others, please contact us


Any Other Costs?

NOPE! T-Shirt prices and shipping costs are calculated on a VAT included when applicable basis and there are no more extra costs.

Some international destinations, however, may apply country-specific tolls at destination according to their own import policies. Such tolls are not included in the Price.


May I See Your Tees Anywhere Off-line?

Yeah, sure! We currently work together with 21 off-line stores around Madrid Region. If you are interested in a particular tee, contact us and we'll tell what's the nearest shop that has it.


May I Sell your t-shirts in My Store?

Yeah, sure; Let's talk about it! We're glad you're interested in selling our tees in your store and would be happy to hear about you; please contact us and let's talk about it.


Could you make a Design For Me?

Yeah, sure; Let's talk about it! If you'll like us to make you a design for a special occasion tshirt, your new CD cover, beer label... We're glad you're interested in our artwork and would be happy to hear about you; please contact us and let's talk about it.


What's Ringspun Cotton?

The difference between a Ringspun and a Regular cotton tshirt may be seen at first feeling them both: having the same weight, ringspun cotton garments feel heavier to the touch. Ringspun cotton tshirts and other garments are also stronger, resist better successive washings and last longer than regular cotton ones. 


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What's Semi-Combed Cotton?

Cotton that has been Combed feels more comfortable and smoother than carded or non-combed cotton. Combed cotton is also stronger than carded cotton, being considered of a better quality.


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Do You Accept Designs From external Artists?

I'm afraid not; it's just us. That way we guarantee the exclusivity and characteristic style of our tees; sorry.