TShirt Fabrics, what to look at?

The Quality of a Cotton t-shirt is given by the type of fabric (Regular vs Ringspun), manufacturing process (Combed vs Carded) and how the tshirt itself is knitted. I here give some Basic Notes on these features aiming to provide some guidance.


In order to provide you a fine tee, in BLITZ & THUNDER we only use 100% Ringspun cotton tshirts, semi-combed & preshrunk to minimize shrinkage. In addition, they all have a reinforced Elastane Rib Collar Neck, a Shoulder-to-Shoulder reinforcing tape and double-needle on sleeves and bottom hem.


Ringspun vs Regular Cotton

Ringspun cotton is a very fine, soft and strong rope of cotton fibres, where the cotton strands have been successively twisted and thinned together to make up the cotton yarn; whereas in regular or standard cotton, the strands are only twisted together to make up the cotton yarn.


The difference between a Ringspun and a Regular cotton tshirt may be seen at first feeling them both: having the same weight, ringspun cotton garments feel heavier to the touch. Ringspun cotton tshirts and other garments are also stronger, resist better successive washings and last longer than regular cotton ones. 

Combed vs Carded Cotton

During cotton manufacturing process, cotton is first carded and then it may additionally be combed. Carding breaks up locks and unorganized clumps, disentangles, cleans and aligns the individual fibres. Combing is a mechanical sieve carried out to get rid of any short length fibres and impurities and it also further aligns the fibres arranges them all in the same direction, resulting in a finer, stronger and more compact cotton.


As a result, cotton that has been combed feels more comfortable and smoother than carded or non-combed cotton. Combed cotton is also stronger than carded cotton, being considered of a better quality.

What Knitting Aspects Should I Have In Mind?

As well as the fabric, a quick look to the tshirt's knitted should always be given. Look for loose ends in firts place: a lack of loose ends will tell you that the manufacture has been taken care of, which generally means good quality. 


The neck is one of the most delicate parts of the tshirt: Better rib collar than double stitched neck.  If only double stitched, the neck is likely to lose its shape after only a few washings. Reinforcement on neck and from shoulder to shoulder are also desirable items for a better tshirt fitness.  In addition, hem and bottom should be better double than single stitched in order to give a better support of those shores.

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